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Our custom web design services gives you complete peace of mind and here is how it works.

Once you get in touch with us, we will understand the type of website and options that you are after.It all starts from the type of business that you are running ,researching your competitors , arriving with the best possible ideas for your website.

We will then send you the design & layout so you can check and let us know if you need any modifications one page at a time. Once,you are happy and that is complete ,we will custom develop a backend based on your requirements which will have functions including add,edit and delete your products and services on your own with zero technical skills or expertise.

We then integrate the backend and front end design of the website and once we test your website on various browsers and smartphones, your website goes live. The whole process will be completely transparent and you will be very happy with our service.

Why should you think of investing in Custom Web Design & Development Options.

Hey , before i start on the reasons , i am willing to guarantee that my pricing will still match the pricing offered for wordpress or theme based websites by almost any professional web design company out there in Melbourne. Now , getting back to why you need to think Custom Design. Here are three major reasons.

1. A great user experience than what your competitors are offering.

When you custom design a website , you are always thinking your targetted visitors and what to expect from them. Try and think of what you need to offer as they land on your page and what it is important to you to get that lead. The solutions that you would like to offer when they get to your website.How easy you could make it navigate the functionality of your website.

Also, we as a web design company who has been into custom web designing for several years and have managed to custom design 100's of websites will also bring in the layout , the aesthatics that is required for a website to perform at its best and achieve its maximum potential.

2. A fully customised admin backend.

Once you are happy with the layout of the design , we will build the functionality that is best suited to your website in custom core php code ignitor.

With this being the case, you website will load super fast to start with even an average web server.This not only brings cost down for hosting and maintainance but also is a big tick with google and other search engines like yahoo and bing because they can crawl your website better.

Importanly , with a custom backend to your website , you will personally enjoy the experience of working through the backend on your own and infact i am sure you will need practically zero technical knowledge of any coding what so ever.

Conclusion is pretty simple. Because you are able to work on the backend without any fuss , you are constantly updating your website and this means google will love the website and chances of you ranking on the organic search results will increase considerably.

3. Customized Responsive Web Design

To design a website that is both tablet & mobile friendly is an absolute must.Infact,that's such an under statement and i cant stress about the importance of having a fully mobile responsive website.Without writing all the tech jargons here,i will keep my points simple ,precise and factual.

Almost 60% of Melbournians looking for your products or services are searching from a mobile device. Google has made it very clear that having a responsive website increase your chances dramatically to show on search results.

With the 2 points above,your website needs to show up high on google rankings and on a mobile device for your business to be successful online. So,talk to us about creating a top quality responsive website for your business.Take a look at our pricing to see which plan would best suit you or give us a call to discuss your requirements.

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