Wordpress has everything to help build a proper Website


WordPress: It has everything to help build a proper Website

Owing to the huge popularity of the Internet, online business has boomed over the past decade or so. Websites dedicated to business and marketing has emerged redefining the whole field of commerce. Now, in order to drive customers into your site and convince them to buy your products and services, your site needs to have attractive content in its kitty. And that is exactly what the Content Management System offers. They help you to generate content that you like and customize the website so as to make it more attractive and customer-friendly. WordPress is one such open source CMS application that is available to the users to easily manage content in their website. The following are some tips that you need to keep in mind while using WordPress to generate content for your website.

Use horizontal drop-down menus

Instead of sidebars, use horizontal drop-down menus. They make it easier for the users to navigate through the site. You can add sub-categories to the main ones as well.

Show thumbnails for each post

Displaying a small thumbnail that portrays an image related to the post can make the website and the content more attractive.

Use the coolest WordPress date button

For every post, make use of the colourful and attractive WordPress date buttons to add more pep to your website.

Show author bio on every post

Always give a small author bio at the bottom of every post. This way the user doesn’t have to leave the page every time he/she wants to know more about the author.

Customize Error 404 page

Creating a cool and appealing Error 404 page provides a unique way to add a creative touch to the design of your website. Customize it according to the theme of your website and add some quirky elements that will put a smile on the user’s face.

Design an attractive mobile version

Accessing WordPress websites over the mobile phone can prove to be a pain in the neck. So, it is always better to design a mobile version for your site, especially since every single person now accesses the Internet through their phones.

Open links through new tabs

Now this is a game-changer. Links embedded in most websites open in the same window as the host site was opened in. Most of the time, the user will want to open the link without having to navigate out of the present page. This feature will make it more convenient for people to use the site.

Display Twitter and Facebook feeds

Due to the immense popularity of the social media networks like Twitter and Facebook, displaying feeds from those sites in your WordPress sites can spark much interest among the users.

In the first WordPress post, add a Google ad

Embedding a Google ad in the first post can boost the popularity of the website to a large extent.

These are only few of the numerous tips and tricks that will help you in designing an attractive WordPress website. Make proper use of them and also try to learn more about WordPress designing.

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