Vital factors to consider that make or break a website


There are thousands of websites coming up every day. Each,in their own right compete and want to dominate search engines to become the most popular one in their industry and as a result, thousands of them are shut down daily or see no updates at all for a whole year because the owners lose interest due to slow traffic or no traffic at all. Before launching a website, you should keep certain factors in mind and meticulously work on them because the fate of your website is somewhat decided before it is launched. Here are some vital factors that make or break a website’s success before launch.


No matter how flashy your website is, if it does not have excellent content when it is launched, there are chances that it will not take off. Interesting and new information & articles about your industry will let your website get a jump start and once it is noticed by internet users and they find the content interesting, a bookmark by them will ensure the future of your website. If yours is an e-commerce website which has more to do with pictures than words, then make sure that all photos are of high quality and are clicked by a professional photographer. You can use keywords in product descriptions to optimize your content according to the search engines.


We are not talking about the colours and designs you use to decorate the website; we are talking about the theme of your content. For example, a travel website should stay clear of content related to any other topic. Often, you must have come across websites whose URLs go like “” or “”, but the content in them is nowhere related to travel. Misleading URLs frustrate readers the most and they will never come to your website. Give a good thought to the name of the website, its URL and the content that you are going to upload as all of them should be in perfect sync.If you understand web designing pretty well ,a good resource to look quality themes and templates would be Themeforest.You can consult with your designer and get a theme around your idea and have them develop it from there.


Use matching colours and make one of those the dominant one. For example, take a look at scoopon , they have used blue and green as the highlight. Also, if you observe clearly, you will notice that all the text content in good looking websites is black. People have been reading in black in the text books, magazines, newspapers etc. therefore they expect everything they read on the internet to be in black. Do not use too many colours on your website and make it as easy as you possibly can to read on the website.


This should be very easy and a first time user should not get confused while navigating your website. If a new visitor is able to navigate your website without any hassle, then you can consider your website a success in terms of navigation otherwise ,continue to monitor as to where the customers wherever users face issues through analytics and heatmaps and then resolve it.

Load Time

I have left loading Time to the last part of the article,but certainly as important as anything above or more.Infact,a websites load is so often under estimated and that might bring the downfall of any site.Often you must have come across a website that takes ages to load and often you must have closed their tab irritated by the time taken by them to load. Website loading time is decided in the design process. A graphic heavy website takes a lot of time to load and that is why it is advised that you keep the design of the website as simple as possible. An easy option to check and correct website speed can be done through a tool available from google or even use external tools like pingdom .

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