Videos can promote branding and awareness


Online videos has become a very important medium in today’s world. Video, in general is easy to reach your audience when compared to traditional newspaper ,brochures etc and with it gaining popularity because of youtube and great internet all over australia ,it represents a unique opportunity for all small and large businesses  to reach its maximum potential than every before.

Back in my younger days as someone who was often considered a poor listener especially during my classes and teachers always complained about how students werent attentive enough,however,everytime when my teacher had to explain something via a video class ,most students would be interested and a lot more attentive as well.

Ecommerce business can be pretty similar and can use videos to highlight the features and benefits of the product and include product demos as well instead of a typical sales pitch.You can also compare them to other products in the market and gain that competetive edge.People always will look at a video when compared reading an entire page of jargon and text only.A video will add that one element which will help push your point across to the customer.A video is almost a sales person for you and will help you educate customers about your product,brand and your company as a whole.

Videos can also be used to showcase testimonial from someone that you might have received for your business and this can help install belief and confidence in your buyers if placed in the correct areas of your website.I have written an another blog on how verified testimonials can actually increase conversions as well.

Training videos are great to use which trains your customers on how to use your product. Most businesses including top accounting software companies like Xero & Myob have great tutorial videos on how to use their software.Infact ,there are no limits to how and for what can videos can be used for.Come up with a plan and execute it.

Creating videos for your website is not as difficult as what one might think.You do not need to hire a videographer to do this spending  1000’s of dollars.Take a look at this youtube video which gives you an idea of how a promotional video would look like and  you can then speak to  a web design agency like us in melbourne to put them all together for you and it wouldnt cost you much to do that at all.

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