Verified Testimonials builds trust and increase conversion


Testimonials would generally mean feedback that you have received  from a customer for a service offered or a product that has been purchased from your website.

Testimonials are very important  simply because  it helps build trust with the customer and in some cases can make or break  a business and its revenue model.

Having said this, it is very important for a business to avoid  writing their own fake testimonials because it would only hamper your business in the long run.

It is also important to have  testimonials shown  in the right areas of a website. If a potential customers can see your body of work through your existing customer base and through their feedback, This not only builds trust with the customer,iIt also helps them make a purchasing decision.

Take a look at an article from unbounce where you would get an idea how testimonials could affect conversions on your website.

With so much data available on the internet and competitors out there, it can become very difficult for potential customers to see the difference between your product which could be great and an average one which could also be sitting out there. So it is important to let people know about how other people have felt after they have purchased  your item.

You can also have a section where customers can leave a google review about your business or your product. Via Google directly after you sign up with a google my business account or Google local listing account. This will allow customers to leave their review or feedback about your business or interaction that they might have had with you  through Google instead of your website.

A true testimonial is a often a true reflection of your business. Infact,Your customers are pretty much doing all the marketing that you might need for your business to grow. Or, If you consistently received bad reviews or feedback. Then it simply means that you need to reflect on your business and see where you’re going wrong. Eitherways,these testimonials will only help towards improving and running your business efficiently.

A  verified testimonial would include data like name of the customer or the name of the business and also include a form of contact like a phone number or an email. We all know that there are a lot of fake testimonials out there  on the internet when you are looking to purchase a product or a service. The best way  to distinguish the difference between a proper testimonial. Or a fake testimonial is as follows.

A fake testimonial is always very generic and will never talk about the experience of the actual person that they dealt with,or ease of the website or the actual truth behind using your service etc. Infact,fake testimonials would be very boring and will present no value to a website and if anything spoil your business reputation long term.

 However a proper testimonial will highlight the actual product that was purchased and how good or bad the product is after the item has been received.It will include if the business has delivered on its promise in terms of usability,shipping time,warranty & guarantees,customer support and much more. And if it’s a service, It’ll highlight efficiency,the knowledge of the person that they dealt with,the  level of service that was offered,how quick or slow the service was.If the co-ordination was good , about customer satisfaction and about the overall experience.

Watch this video about how a perfect testimonial can help boost conversions  by derek from social triggers.

Testimonials does not have to necessarily be text only.It can also be a  audio or a video testimonial.

Audio testimonials are great because the person listening to it will understand and relate the emotion behind the voice and will help the gauge your product or service.

Video testimonials are really good because they can sit right with you infront of even a smartphone and you can record a video of the customer on how your product or service has been to them.

Here is something that can help a business- If you have a testimonial attached to a newsletter or any call to action ,it is more likely to have a much better response of a customer taking action and respond.

Try and include testimonials in your about us page or your company brochure because often people go to these pages to know about your business and a testimonial will install belief about your business.It is also good to use them on your social media pages as well.

Lastly,include them in your case study as well.If you have worked with a customer on a project,include what that particular customer has to say about working with you and your business.

A great testimonial for my web design company would be how someone came to me with a difficult website or a project and how i managed to design ,develop it ,putting the customer at ease and installing confidence and belief in my ability to resolve any issues with their website.

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