Launching a new web page design without errors in itself a great achievement and each such launch gives a milestone for the success.

There are multiple browsers on the internet and few of the browsers don’t support all formats of web page designs.It is necessary to ensure the compatibility of design and error free programming before going for the official launch.

Smartphones have definetely taken over which assures convenience and complete internet accessibility. Hence, it is essential to keep your web design compatible to function on tablets and smartphones. Different testing procedure should be followed for this and testing tools should be selected carefully.

There are many web testing tools available in the market and supported by qualified testing staff to carry out the job of testing. The current availability of testing tools depends on affordability and comes with few technical features.

Some of the important features of testing tools available online are flexible licensing, free plug-in, easy to learn API, remote record options with visual test recording system, complete web enabled testing environment, clean test code and dedicated support for one year.

One can use the comparative chart of different testing tools. Such charts are available online for the benefit of customers. This helps in taking right decision and renders correct knowledge about different testing tools.

There are some really good browser testing tools available like Browser Stack or Browserling.Although these are paid tools ,its well worth it because it can test only on multiple browsers ,it actually hunts for bugs and gives the exact issue on the design so you can get that fixed right away.You can also capture and screenshots on various browsers and this features helps web design companies send this as a report to their customers after the testing is done.They also have a browser extension feature which allows you to test websites on multiple browsers in one click.

You cannot miss testing a web page in order to avoid any future issues. A properly tested web page assures satisfaction and smooth functioning forever. Apart from this there are many advantages of testing web page design before launching.

Usability test of web page design helps in customer retention as this reduces the rate of interruption by other inappropriate pop ups. If necessary, the developers of a web page can improve the quality of web page and make it more attractive by adding suitable exit pop up advertisements.

The web page can be made error free with the help of testing as problem areas can be easily identifiable. Some of the usability problems are like site errors, misspellings, clumsy layout, poor grammar and broken links. All these errors can be avoided with the help of web page testing as well.

If you are looking at more web page testing tools available in the market ,please have a look at this post from Mashable which talks in depth about 13 different testing tools that is out there.

Choosing a testing tool from the online resources depends on the testing tool budget, staff hired for testing department, preference mentioned by the management, availability of the tool, project status and quality goals. If the company has decided to go liberal with the testing tool then they can identify the most recent and advanced testing tool in the market.

Testing new web page design is not just a formality or procedure; in fact it has become mandatory.

Project status also determines the selection of a testing tool because clients may give their preference or time may not permit to go for the most recent one. Irrespective of the situation and time limit one should make the web page testing mandatory for ensuring the quality and compatibility of the page.

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