There are 100’s of posts out there where tell you to use pop ups on your website as a selling tool. As a Web Design Melbourne Agency that has worked with quite a number of clients for over 8 years , I have gone through research and practical experience before writing this article.

The way websites are built, internet marketing and Online Shopping have grown tremendously over the last 10 years here in Australia & globally, so have the people using them which is you and me as well.We have all become smart and tech savvy which is a key to what you are going to read below. Again , I am going to repeat this,the world has become internet friendly and users can often differentiate between good and bad.

This is a very important topic, the reason being if you’ve come across web development companies, web designers or people in the seo market who often tell you about how important it is to actually capture information of the user that is actually visiting your website with pop ups. Yes, that’s very true and you want to do everything you can not to lose that customer. However, the question is how to capture data of the visitor without annoying the crap out of them.

When you use pop ups as a strategy when someone enters your web page can easily backfire and if you are selling a product online which most businesses still use as a strategy and that needs to change.

Lets take an example where you’re trying to sell shoes online and someone something that is related to shoes and they manage to find your website and then as soon as they actually login to the website there are trying to look for the latest shoes at the best price possible. With the pop up, you are actually deviating from the sale happening in the first place.

Remember,Time is Money and so with that pop up , a user is wasting his or her valuable time is reading stuff like join our newsletter or subscribe etc which are very strong committing words to use to a first time user with a pop up. In other words ,you are saying ,give me your email and let me spam the hell out of you. Stay away from using this method.

However, there is a couple of ways to do this.

1. Use pop ups when someone is trying to exit your website and as they are try to leave , give them a promo stating “Hey ,dont leave yet , subscribe here and we will give a massive 40% off … or say something like Get updates on best deals in Town as they exit the website.That’s where you give a pop-up not necessarily just a sign up or subscribe button but to make sure they get your product in the first place.

Speak to us or your existing web design company on setting up these exit intent user pop ups. Alternatively, you can learn more about creating and set up pop-ups for users who are trying to exit your website from wp beginner if you run a website. The article show how quick and easy it is to set up an exit intent pop-ups on websites. They have also shared data on how it has changed their conversion after using this strategy.

Another effective way to use pop-ups is probably have them in the bottom right corner of the webpage and maybe use words such as ” we have hot daily deals for the next 30 days and we will deliver them straight to your inbox or subscribe now and never miss a great deal. By this you’re trying to make sure that you’re actually not forcing a customer to sign up with you but you’re giving yourself every opportunity with that the customer to sign up.

Here is another recent article about pop ups that i read from Practical e-commerce.

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