Options to Consider for Shopping Cart Websites


Options to Consider for Shopping Cart Websites

E-commerce has proven to be one of the most promising technologies that have taken its place in the lives of the humans. It has great promise and we are slowly finding its tentacles bind everyone and everything all around us. More and more specialized ecommerce websites are coming into the market and many of them have stuck on. The best part of the phenomenon is that we have not seen the end of this wonder.

There is more to see and more to sell. We have more synergies to check out and more algorithms to work out to design the ultimate portal where all our wishes will be fulfilled at the click of the mouse. In the meantime, we have to make do with the latest eCommerce websites.

These websites have been seeing a huge change in the manner its users interact with them. It still leaves some edges to be rounded and some experiences polished. Let us check out the most common design failures in modern ecommerce websites and find the techniques to overcome the shortcomings.

Some Points to Keep in Mind

1.  Product filters to help in selection

The mechanism to select the ultimate product to buy should be intuitive and simple. Complicating the experience does not help.

2. Visible Search Window

The window to type in the product name that one is interested in should always be available and visible to the user.

3. The link to check out the cart

Just like the search by name functionality being available all the time, the cart icon should always be present in the sight of the shopper.

4. Invisible Zero Stock Products

The product list should not show products which have zero stock in spite of the situation that a popular item may have many external links due to SEO efforts.

5. Product Images

It often happens that one doesn’t have images of a product one is selling. Such situations should be avoided. It is intolerable to see pages with products without any images.

6. Navigating Back while selecting Products

It is quite common to go astray while narrowing down one’s selection and one feels the need to step back to the selection criteria. This process and the functionality should be simple and elegant.

 7. Easy Navigation

Most popular sites have a huge list of products to offer. One needs to create a very representative list of products for the broad category of products being displayed. The rendition and manipulation of such product lists are highly memory and CPU intensive processes. One needs to find an optimum algorithm to make this a success.

 8. No attempt should be made to cost the user more after selection

It is understood that products on offer have to be displayed and prices strategically allotted to attract customers. That does not include surprising the buyer with additional cots and surcharges after putting the product into the cart.

9. Remove clutter

While the seller would leave no stone unturned to attract more eyes on its products on the web, it is the neat and clean and clutter free, unbiased product display that improves the conversion ratio of an ecommerce website.

10. Use of Social Media

Do not hesitate to involve social media to popularize products on your website. Your effort to improve the rankings of individual products helps in promoting the entire website.

Latest Trends

There are many more issues that should be included in the list above, but the most important two factors of web ecommerce web design are given below.

Drive your Web Design as a business solution not because of latest trends

Web designers often get influenced by latest trends and mess up their pages. This should be avoided and the only reason for making changes should be to add ease and comfort to the user.If you still have any questions ,it is best to talk to a Web Design Expert so they can guide in the right direction.

Keep the Mobile format in mind

Responsive web formats have started making changes to page ranking. The mobile app has added another dimension to the online marketing techniques and the edge being offered should not be ignored.

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