.Melbourne Domain Help Brand Small Business in Melbourne


.Melbourne domain names  have been made available to melbournians since the 11th of November 2014.

If you’re offering a service or a product that is targeted towards the local market in Melbourne,a .melbourne domain name is a fantastic start. The average cost of  a .Melbourne domain name  is between $70 to a $100 depending on the domain name service provider.It is available for all melbourne based businesses & Melbourne residents.

Here are important reasons that you probably may have to think of having a .melbourne domain.

It increases brand building & trust straight away by showing your business location in your domain itself.

If your business or service is for customers only in melbourne , it is very good to buy a .melbourne domain name from a company like Melbourne IT or Crazy Domains because if me  as a user searching for a service that you are offering and if your domain shows up on the on the search engine, the chances are i am more likely to click on your website because i have identified your domain name straight away that you are based in melbourne with your domain extension and that is exactly what i want. Because I can relate that you are located in Melbourne there is a connect straight away and instead of the traditional or the regular .com.au which only says that you are an Australian based company but that does not necessarily mean that it has to be located in melbourne.

With this being the case, It actually can directly benefit your business revenue . Once your website starts receiving more clicks than usual because you have identified as a melbourne based business,it means that your click through rate is more than a regular business which in turn means that more people are visiting your website and this increase your chances of getting more customers through the door.This becomes a cycle and will gradually help your business build a brand and increase exposure ,clicks ,enquiries and revenue.

This can be a good practice for all Melbourne based new and existing small businesses.We practice what we preach and we highly. We have also experimented this for a few of our customers and we have managed to rank them well on the google and other search engines. Please note that google is a level playing field which means that you still need to have relevant quality & unique content and proper seo done for your website to show up on top search results.

If any of the benefit that i have mentioned above helps,think of these facts below.

As a Melbournian,I am very proud of the city we all live in.We are the sporting capital of Australia & the world.We are the most liveable city in the world.Our coffee is great ,food is great and most other cities envy us.So,as someone who runs  web design business in melbourne ,i practice what i preach and i have a few .melbourne domain names as well.Good Luck to everyone and be a proud melbourne business owner.

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