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When you put up an ad or market your website on the internet via an ad platform like google or facebook ,it is important that your design and layout engage with customers and this helps you convert. There are some important rules to follow which will increase your chances of maximising your results and help you stay clear of some common mistakes which advertisers tend to make. Your job does not finish by just advertising your brand/product/service because the steps after the stage of advertising will decide the sales volume and eventually the profit & loss of your business.


You should be very clear about the objective of your landing page as both the advertisement and the landing page should match with each other. It is useless to mislead a prospective customer as you will be ultimately at loss because that customer would avail the product or service from someone else. It is also vital to understand that that the landing page does not necessarily have to be the homepage of your website. If the prospective customer wanted to visit the homepage of your website, he/she would have done it already. The landing page needs to give information on what the customer is looking for.


The design of your landing page should be according to the audience you are expecting there. It should specifically cater to a certain section of the audience and not be designed to suit the needs of everyone as your website is doing that already. Follow the call to action approach and create a landing page specifically for the link that was displayed when the person searched certain keywords. CTA helps you design precise and crisp landing pages which are beneficial for you as well as your customer.

Designing a Form

If you are looking to get your customers to subscribe for your newsletter or anything that has something to do with filling up a form, then you should remember that the form should be a simple one which demands minimum information possible. A complicated form which demands almost a lot of personal information may not suit a visitor thats using your website for the first time.A general rule here is a customer is not going to spend more than 2 minutes in filling up a form. You can easily provide a link that says “link with Facebook”. This way, the customer would have to make just one click to provide the information which he/she has already disclosed on the social network.

Contact Information

Often visitors are confused by the landing pages and they have a number of questions in their mind. This is why you need to clearly provide your contact information on the landing pages with high contact number visibility. This adds a personal touch to the landing page as the customer will be able to interact with your directly. If a customer contacts you via e-mail or the phone number you had provided on the landing page, it means that he/she is clearly interested in your product/service. No one likes to take the pain of communicating with a company directly if he/she is actually not interested in their products and services.

Other Factors

Apart from the aforementioned ones, there are some basic factors that you should keep in mind while designing a landing page. The page should be easy on the eye and all content should be clearly visible. Positioning of contact numbers and other information and links should be mentioned at the right areas and the layout of the page should match that of your official website. This way, people will be able to connect the page with your company. Good luck Everyone.

The reason landing page is so important is because it so often turns out to be a lead capture page or a sales pitch which determines the fate of your business.You can find more info on wikipedia on the different types of landing page and also on unbounce to understand the reasons as to why people bounce off your website if your landing page is bad as well.

Hope this info was useful to all of you.

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