Ecommerce Website Issues that You Shouldnt Ignore


Here are some important tips on how ,where and what to look when building an ecommerce website to make it successful.

There are millons of e-commerce websites that are in the market today trying to compete and sell their products online. We need to look at some seasoned players in the market like ebay where shoppers go online for a bargain and websites such as the iconic where people buy clothing and footwear.You need to make sure that you get the basics right for an ecommerce website before spending thousands of dollars in marketing & advertising.. In the race to get sales happening, most online websites commit some blunders that not only harm their reputation but their sales too. I have seen situations where the most experienced online retailers make simple which had cost them millions of dollars before they could identify.The difference here though is some companies have the budget to make those costly mistakes.However,most people cannot afford them and to avoid them right from the start is very important to the success of an online shopping cart website.

6 Most Common Issues with Ecommerce Websites and things that you need to avoid at the very beginning.

Poor Website Design Layout

When someone is visiting your website for the first time, he/she should get a clear understanding of what your website is about. There should some pictures that indicate the motive of your website on your home page because as you know pictures speak a thousand words. If the viewer is confused about your identity or relate to your brand, he/she will clearly not be interested in exploring your products, resulting in your website having a massive bounce rate.

Mobile Responsive Solutions

We all now know that everyone in Australia shops online via a smart phone or a mobile device.The reason you probably know this as you read it is because you or someone from your family shops online or atleast consistently checking on deals etc from online websites like the catch of the day or deals direct.I cant stress the magnitude of having a mobile friendly website more coz its that vital to your online growth.Infact,its best not to have a website if you dont have a mobile friendly website.

Poor quality pictures

Product pictures with poor quality is a big turn off for viewers, especially when they are viewing something expensive or trying to make a buying decision. For example, if you are selling luxury handbags which have been crafted from one of the best leather available in the world, then the pictures should be in sync with the style and value of the bags. You cannot just keep them on a table and click photos with your mobile phone. Hire a professional photographer, discuss the photo shoot with him/her and then get some awesome photographs clicked.

Mismatched product description

The second thing a customer would look at after a picture is the product description. A mismatched or poor product description can make the customer question the credibility of the products you are offering. The description should be short and accurately highlight the features of a product or service. Make sure you always have the correct product description,terms,shipping & privacy policy so that it makes it easy for a visitor to trust your business make a buying decision.


Poor categorization can also lead to the downfall of an e-commerce website. Mismatched categories of products question their authenticity and are clearly not considered as a mistake which can be ignored. When a person is searching for “formal shoes”, then he/she should see formal shoes on the landing page and it will not take much time for the person to switch to another website.An example of a complex website made simple is coles.Have a look at the structure of their website,Inspite having hundreds of categories ,they have structured the website to such an extent which makes easy for a shopper to purchase online which the price and description very clear.

Search Function

Now,a scenario where you have over a 1000 products and you have branded and marketed your website really well.This being the situation it is so important a search function which allows users to search for a type of product of products and compare them as well at a click of a button.

Make sure you have all these features before you go live with your ecommerce website.

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