DIY Websites for Small & Medium Business


Websites for Small and Medium Businesses

Importance of websites

If you own a small or medium business, then owning a functional and active website is a pre requisite for you, to make it big in this highly competitive world. However, if you don’t own one already then fret not, you can create it now at the click of a button. If you are in sync with the terms of coding, HTML, JavaScript and CSS then you won’t have any trouble at all. However, if you aren’t, then you may have to gear yourself up and learn the tricks of the trade and get started.

Solo or not

It depends, if you can spend a little cash in hiring a web developer or a web designer or else if you want to save up on and would rather want to spend that money on other necessary steps. If you plan to hire,thats good, but try and make some of their previous work which gives you an indication of what you can expect to be delivered.

Easy D-I-Y options

There are a lot of websites that cater to teaching you on how to build your own website. All you need is to sign up and follow the steps mentioned cautiously and you are all set.

  • Figure out the main agenda of your website. An online presence is mandatory in contemporary entrepreneurial-rich society. So once you know what message you want to give to your audience you are half way done.
  • Zero in on the domain name

Now that you are aware of your consumer base, you need to find a distinctive as well as attractive domain name. You will also have to figure out a top-level domain or a TLD, which is the suffix to your domain.

Another important thing you will have to follow up with is to copyright your website. Therefore, you will have to confirm the availability of your domain name as well as purchase it from a domain registrar. Fret not, there are plenty of them available online these days, free of cost too.

  • Pick your host

You need to find a “host” to serve as storage for public access to your website, at all times. Since you are a small or medium business, the prospect of hosting your own server can burn a hole in your pocket. Therefore, you will have to find an external host, which will be easy on the budget, by sharing your website with other sites. However, this gives rise to competition to sites within the same host and could affect your site’s privacy. So if you have been saving up to spend on a more important place, then this is it. Always remember that you can change to a different web host later on.

Pick a template and plugins for your website

This involves accessorising and jazzing up your website to attract more viewers. Choose templates and features that can speak on your behalf, so do keep it formal as well as neat and clean. Take a look at wix and this helps gives you an indication of how far you could go designing your own website.

Organise and maintain

Keeping your audience in mind, locate different links and tabs at appropriate and convenient locations. Make sure your visitors don’t have hard time finding information. Having a well maintained and structured website will always give a good impression.

The End

Remember to test your website before launching it. Also keep marketing as well as maintaining it regularly to stay in the game.

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